Simplify Your “Workday” with Business Automation Solutions

Ascend Software has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help organizations work smarter and achieve greater efficiencies. The solutions seamlessly integrate with Workday, a cloud-based software solution for human resource and financial management, to deliver powerful business process automation. Built and implemented on top of your existing Workday technology investment, the solutions system eradicates data entry and manual invoice processing greatly reducing the labor typically associated with processing invoices:

  • Greatly reduce labor associated with manual keying of invoice data with advanced OCR
  • Automatically match PO invoice lines on invoices to PO in Workday
  • Improving visibility on invoices and easily identifying delay points
  • Increasing efficiencies through automation and greatly reducing processing time and costs
  • Reducing errors and time associated with corrections
  • Ensuring distribution codes are applied and validated
  • Maintaining audit logs of activity to prove compliance
  • Eliminating late payment fees
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Reducing document look-up time for every user
  • Report on key performance indicators
  • Capturing reports from all systems and easily bursting reports to departments and users

Eliminate Costly Paper-based Processes

Paper-based systems are subject to lost and misfiled documents, which can often result in costly retrieval. These costs are compounded with off-site storage challenges.

Utilizing intelligent imaging, OCR, and storage, Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR, ECM (enterprise content management), and SmartTouch AP solutions integrate with Workday, to eliminate manual and paper-based processes that stifle employee productivity.

SmartTouch AIR

Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR accurately scans paper documents (such as invoices and employee records), captures electronic documents, and performs advanced OCR. Further, SmartTouch AIR quickly recognizes and extracts document data — eliminating the need to create and maintain hundreds of time-intensive templates for each vendor.  For example, the solution will automatically identify and extract information from a supplier invoice, and prevent the need to manually key this data into Workday.

Key benefits of Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR include:

  • Create electronic files and eliminate paper & physical storage by scanning documents.
  • OCR for rapid document indexing and validation.
  • Auto indexing from your ERP (e.g. employee name, department, hire date, PO number, vendor name) for fast and accurate electronic
  • filing and quick retrieval.
  • Automated or manual redaction of sensitive information for unauthorized personnel.
  • Supports Multi-function devices, stand alone scanners and electronic capture. 


Ascend’s ECM platform is an enterprise content management solution that stores documents of all kinds (e.g. invoices, forms, checks, HR documents etc.) and file types (e.g. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PostScript, Word, Excel, etc.), in a single, convenient and secure centralized system. The solution’s integration technology allows users to effortlessly search and retrieve reports, documents, and images, without ever leaving Workday.

SmartTouch AP

If your organization is faced with challenges of lowering processing costs, increasing efficiencies, and providing quick access to electronic documents, then Ascend’s SmartTouch AP solution for Workday will help you triumph over these challenges and many others. Ascend’s SmartTouch AP is a robust solution designed to streamline Accounts Payable processes.

Key benefits of Ascend’s SmartTouch AP include:

  • Access AP invoices and supporting documentation directly from Workday.
  • Leverage OCR to reduce data entry of invoice information.
  • Streamline the capture of Worktag and Spend Category information.
  • Pair PO invoice lines to the original PO and retrieve ‘Worktags’ and ‘Spend Categories.’
  • Add invoices to Workday in real-time with lines that were matched to the PO, including ‘Worktags’ and ‘Spend Categories’

Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR, ECM, and SmartTouch AP, combine with Workday, to produce greater data entry accuracy, extensive search options, increased throughput, and quick, efficient access to electronic documents.

Want to learn more about how our solutions can integrate with your existing Workday system to deliver true cost savings and process efficiencies? Please contact us or request a demonstration today!