Travel & Expense Management Webinar

Ascend Software’s “Travel & Expense Management,” webinar addresses the most current T&E trends. Learn how to modernize your organization’s Travel & Expense Management process with Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E solution. You’ll learn how to automate and optimize business processes to cut costs and take the headache out of T&E management.

Key Learning:

  • What are the most current trends in T&E and what are the true costs to your organization?
  • Learn how automatically generated reimbursements via Infor Lawson AP or Payroll can dramatically cut process time and minimize questions to the AP and Payroll depts.
  • Learn how policy reinforcement will help you identify trends and make corrections and adjustments where applicable.
  • What is the ROI expectation of automating T&E?
  • Learn best practices of organizations realizing the benefits of T&E management automation.
  • Learn how to prevent fraud from occurring within your T&E process.

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