Driscoll Children’s Hospital Selects Ascend for AP Imaging & Business Automation

Driscoll Children’s Hospital selects Ascend’s SmartTouch AP and SmartTouch AIR solution to give them a complete AP Imaging & Business Automation solution. Ascend’s solution will improve their controls and provide them the security they required. Driscoll will use the system to image, OCR, extract and recognize AP invoice data, automate their approval process, and provide…


La Porte Hospital selects Ascend to Automate their Accounts Payable Department

La Porte Hospital selects Ascend’s SaaS SmartTouch AP solution to automate their Accounts Payable department.  Ascend’s BPO Outsource Scanning Services will scan their invoices using Ascend SmartTouch AIR solution. The electronic images will be ready for approval and transmitted to the appropriate approver, then integrated into their ERP Accounts Payable application.