Imaging and Enterprise Document Management (EDM)

Prior to the implementation of a document imaging process, it is best to evaluate the documents to determine how they should be stored, indexed, retrieved, and searched. This approach sets the stage for a more effective, efficient, and intuitive imaging solution after implementation, and leads to greater savings in time during research and more accurate retrieval of the desired documents.

For day-to-day imaging, the documents are scanned, indexed and stored for later retrieval. SmartTouch AIR’s advanced image processing and unlimited indexing capabilities includes: image capture, OCR, intelligent character recognition and extraction. Scan a document, such as an invoice, and SmartTouch AIR will analytical the entire process with fewer steps than any other solution. Ascend’s developed a well-integrated, end-to-end solution that provides greater automation with fewer and smarter touches. An invoice can be scanned, passed to an approver with all the invoice information automatically presented to the user. Once approved the data is passed real-time to the ERP AP solution. Customers select Ascend because they want the fewest manual steps and the easiest product administration. Optional conversion to PDF provides full text search capabilities on indexed documents.

Ascend’s ECM is a robust Enterprise Document Management solution that offers superior storage (i.e., online, near online and off-line), powerful bursting, distribution, retrieval and secure viewing. You can save images and reports and unlimited document types on a hard drive, then after a designated time period, they will automatically be moved to a more cost effective storage, such as DVD or optical media. The web-based retrieval and viewing faculty allows users to intuitively locate and organize their documents. The documents can be organized in private or public folders, e-mailed, printed, faxed and routed to gain approval among other actions. Send a link to a co-worker or the exact page in a document with a message explaining what needs to be reviewed or approved. WebNotes™ enable users to make public or private annotations on documents to note disputes, errors, or reminders.

Security is of the utmost importance. Ascend’s ECM is comprehensive and easily administered. Whether on the Intranet or Internet, security must be enforced to insure only authorized users have access to the appropriate documents. It supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections to prevent unauthorized access. Data encryption capabilities provide a safe environment, and Single Sign-on eliminates the need for users to manage multiple passwords and logons. Security may be tailored for each individual user and group; with the flexibility to limit a user’s actions, you can restrict a user’s permission to email documents, or designate a user as having only view access (read only). A message is recorded in a detailed audit log for each access and all actions performed on a document. For example, when a document is emailed a date/time stamped entry records the information in a detailed audit log, which is ideal to track activity for corporate regulatory compliance.

As part of the end-to-end solution you can optimize your business processes (BPO) and use Ascend’s Outsourced Scanning Services. Our BPO division will scan and automatically route your documents to either your centralized or decentralized approvers / AP Processors.  This capability will take your users into a completely electronic environment without the effort involved in owning the hardware, paper handling, document prep, scanning and validation.