Human Resources departments are often tasked with a wide-range of responsibilities, including labor intensive research, tedious document collation, benefits calculations, approvals and escalations of new hires, change process management, and performance appraisals. Operating in a zero-tolerance environment, HR is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of volumes of sensitive information, which must be readily accessible to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Working Smarter with SmartTouch HR

Ascend Software’s SmartTouch HR solution blends the efficiency and speed of an electronic document management system, with corporate policies and procedures, to yield a more productive environment. The solution is designed to enable HR departments to allocate fewer resources to document management, and address higher-level operational and strategic responsibilities. Further, it permits HR personnel to focus on the organization’s best asset… its people!

SmartTouch HR not only scans HR documents, but also performs data recognition, validation, and advanced image clean-up, to produce the highest quality image possible. Moreover, the solution supports an unlimited number of document search fields, ensuring that indexed files are located and retrieved swiftly. Our innovative technology and deep understanding of business processes, has resulted in an imaging solution truly superior in design, extensive functionally, ease-of-use, and scalability.

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