Easy Integration with Multiple ERPs

Ascend’s solutions were designed for rich functionality and adaptability to multiple ERPs. Ascend’s solution can integrate with most ERPs to assist your organization with real-time connectivity and validation. We also understand that organizations add and replace ERP solutions and want solutions that easily adapt to changes; allowing an organization to utilize their existing connecting systems. After an organization invests in implementing connecting systems like business automation solution or enterprise content management solutions, they want to maintain them and Ascend’s solution adaptability allows companies to accomplish this. Ascend’s ECM is integrated with over 100 systems.

Enterprise Content Management Solution

Ascend’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is designed for ease of use and fast implementation. As a secure, central archive it will electronically capture and manage images, documents, reports and all file types from all company-wide systems. Ascend’s superior design offers 100% web-based. Its scalable design will allow your organization to grow and maintain decades of information. The system provides unlimited indexing capabilities so each department can index and search for their documents in the most meaningful manner. Ascend’s full-featured report bursting capability easily separates reports into sections, bookmarks each section and distributes them to the appropriate user. Ascend’s ECM offers greater security controls that are easily defined. Product Administrators will enjoy the quick to learn and intuitive Product Administration.

AP Invoice Imaging & Automation

Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR & SmartTouch AP imaging and business automation solution results in the fewest steps or touches to process an invoice. SmartTouch AIR will recognize and extract the invoice data through a sophisticated means of proprietary algorithms and logic. As a result our customers experience a higher OCR and recognition rate out-of-the-box. SmartTouch AP includes:  imaging, e-invoicing, Hands-Free AP™ approval routings, escalations, easy to use web-browser search, and easily integrated with the ERP solutions. Our best practices design will streamline your AP department. Whether you choose to process scanned or electronic invoices, or choose to scan the documents in-house or outsource them, Ascend will review the benefits and ROI of each approach.

Travel & Expense Management

Modernize your organization’s Travel and Expense reporting process with Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E Solution. You can replace the time consumption, handling, and storage of paper forms and paper receipts with an efficient on-line solution that ensures travel and expense reimbursement policy compliance and provides the users with an affordable, comprehensive, intuitive application. Validate the vendor information, GL account coding and other data to your ERP to ensure accuracy and lessen the burden on your Accounts Payable or Payroll department by eliminating the rekeying and other manual entry of data reduce errors and improve overall efficiency.

Contract Management Automation for Purchasing

Ascend recognized the need to ensure contract and purchase order accuracy. SmartTouch ItemMatch business automation is a one of a kind solution that ensures contract alignment with the vendor’s catalog and purchase order correction, prior to the PO being sent to the vendor. Prevent PO errors on the EDI acknowledgement report or resolving time-consuming AP price discrepancies. ItemMatch offers an easy one-click approval or rejection process to update price corrections. This automation saves both Purchasing and Accounts Payable a tremendous amount of time. SmartTouch ItemMatch has an ROI of only weeks.