Ascend’s ReportSafe®, is a drop-in Enterprise Report Management Solution that solves today’s ever increasing demands to electronically capture report output, burst, distribute, and manage it with ease. Our 100% web-browser solution is fast to deploy and easy to configure. You can be up and running in as little as a week! Enjoy secure report archiving and convenient Web viewing. Robust storage management will handle any large volume requirements. ReportSafe allows you to access the exact report or report sections at any point in time from any location. Distribute reports via e-mail, FAX or to any Windows- networked printer and view information within seconds. ReportSafe is extremely dependable and easy-to-use. It is designed for business by business people.

ReportSafe brings a useable, dependable and comprehensive solution to the business community and provides a rapid return on investment. Reduce all printing-related costs, automate report distribution, achieve instant access to your information and prevent loss or misplacement of documents and reports.

ReportSafe provides a flexible, scalable, auditable and robust enterprise information management solution that seamlessly accepts output from all your systems (i.e., UNIX, iSeries, mainframes, and Windows) without requiring programming changes or scripts. This eliminates lost information and unauthorized access while shortening the time spent searching for critical information across your various platforms. The optional two-phase report archiving feature allows online access to information by authorized users for a pre-determined period of time. After which time, it automatically moves the files to the appropriate secondary storage areas.

RS SpreadSheet can quickly and easily extract ASCII report data into working, modifiable Excel® spreadsheets. This tool gives you the power to select report fields and customize the spreadsheet, resulting in a more meaningful document. ReportSafe can convert a Windows printed document into Adobe PDF ® for secure and standardized distribution. WebNotes ™ are electronic private and public notations that may be affixed to reports for comments and/or approval routing. While viewing, report headings and columns may be frozen as details scroll. Fonts may be resized to more easily see text. The system also has unlimited index capabilities which allows you to organize and find the desired information more easily.

Ascend Software’s multi-threaded server technology provides superior performance and throughput. The ReportSafe Server controls your organization’s operational configurations, data security, archives, and distribution, and is locally or remotely managed by one or more Administrators. The ReportSafe Web facility provides each Recipient with user-friendly access to their information in an organized manner, with a wide variety of options that can be secured to meet each organization’s preference. ReportSafe integrates with an extensive range of systems and networks, and can be installed in minutes and effective in less than a day.

There are important considerations when selecting an Enterprise Information Management System.

What you want and what you don’t

  • No Host programming, scripts, or resource-intensive proprietary agents to install and maintain
  • No Proprietary databases
  • No Proprietary client software to install and manage

Convenient and Efficient Web Presentation

Users are only presented with their own reports, documents, and images!

  • Selected for viewing by pointing and clicking
  • Arranged in self-populating Public and Private Folders
  • E-Mailed, FAX, or automatically printed
  • Printed to both Windows network and local printers
  • Downloaded to the workstation
  • Transformed into Excel and Lotus spread-sheets
  • Returned from long-term archival for online viewing
  • Voice Access to information you want quickly and easily. Use voice commands or the RS Hotkey. Frozen Headings and Columns are beneficial when scrolling the detail lines of long and/or wide page reports.
  • Frozen Headings and Columns are beneficial when scrolling the detail lines of long and/or wide page reports.
  • Bookmarked Report Sections ReportSafe can burst a report and create an index for instant access to a section within it.
  • WebNotes™ enable electronic notations to be affixed to a report, and have it routed for approval and logging.
  • Find All command searches a document, creates a real-time index to each occurrence of the desired value, and provides point-and-click access to each of its locations.
  • Font Selection allows a report’s font size to be changed for more comfortable viewing.
  • Page Navigation eliminates scrolling through long reports, speeds review and research, and reduces network traffic.
  • Reports, Documents, and images are all managed by a single comprehensive document management software solution.

Why ReportSafe?

Convenience and reliable access to report information is the key to cost savings and a smooth operation, so you can:

  1. Manage output from ALL your systems for enterprise compatibility: UNIX, iSeries, Windows, and mainframes
  2. Have instant report , document, and image availability through online Web viewing, with a touch of a key
  3. Save every report generation without overlaying any version
  4. Extract report data and convert it into a spreadsheet with just a click of an icon
  5. Freeze columns and headings to conveniently view long and/or wide page reports
  6. Point-and-click to reduce precious time searching for a report, report section, or sub-section, and advanced Find commands for instant access to all occurrences of the data
  7. E-Mail an entire document, a hyperlink, or just a job completion notification
  8. FAX documents or print them on a Windows network printer or a user’s local printer
  9. Save thousands of dollars monthly by reducing your printing costs
  10. Transform data, such as ASCII to PDF or XML, and Postscript to PDF
  11. Process unlimited file types including: PDF, PCL, PostScript, Word, Excel, JPEG, BMP, GIF, MPEG, etc.
  12. Eliminate the need to re-create or restore reports, and avoid the anguish of lost reports
  13. Choose the reports to be archived, so you can purge proprietary Print Managers
  14. Purge your application databases and use ReportSafe for research, history, and audits
  15. Store legacy system reports and eliminate the need to maintain an obsolete system
  16. Reduce disk storage requirements by automatically purging them or rewriting them to compact disk
  17. Provide access to documents by an entire group to manage workflow and information
  18. Use WebNotes™ to make annotations on reports and route for approval
  19. Maintain user security with archived documents
  20. Install a drop-in solution containing hundreds of predefined report rules and implement in less than a day