ECM for Workday

Ascend Software’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution enables companies work smarter, innovate faster, seize new opportunities, and be more responsive to dynamic business needs. It connects key decision makers to information for clearer insights that improve customer experiences, and fosters efficiency through simplified workflows.

ECM was engineered and optimized to integrate with Workday’s Financial Management platform in real-time; this results in greater performance, easier deployment, advanced security, less costs and complexity, and more efficient systems management.

End-to-End Content Management for Workday

Designed to optimize existing technology investments and resources, ECM is a turnkey solution for companies seeking to accelerate their digital transformation. The product works with Workday to the eliminate manual and paper-based processes that stifle employee performance and productivity, while enhancing end-to-end document visibility, security, retrieval, retention, and auditability.

Information Delivered When & How You Want It

ECM’s robust reporting and document management functions help connect people across the enterprise and provide true information-driven intelligence. ECM is designed to manage all unstructured content, such as documents (such as invoices, expense reports, checks, and personal records), images, and rich media files, from creation to archival in a centralized, secure system. The solution replaces manual and paper-based processes, by enabling organizations to:

  • Mitigate storage complexity and reduce exposure data loss
  • Automatically disseminate information via email, web, print, fax, smartphone or other mobile devices
  • Deliver specific sections of reports or documents to appropriate users for efficient and secure viewing 
  • Automatically organize digital content in folders to easily retrieve files
  • Build a corporate archive for current and historical information
  • Maintain information when legacy are systems are updated or replaced

Driven by Cutting-Edge Technology

ECM is part of the SmartTouch Automation Suite, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to seamlessly work together to create a smart workplace, by streamlining business processes with self-service, workflow and policy automation. It is a nimble, scalable cloud-based application that delivers end-to-end control of corporate information in an intuitive interface. The sophisticated solution relies on modern architecture to provide high performance and throughput, handling critical and complex tasks without difficulty. Capable of being deployed in a day and operational in a week, the system is designed for fast implementation and efficient product administration.

We Are a Workday Certified Solutions Partner

In 2016, Ascend embarked on a journey to become the first Certified Solution Partner in Imaging and Document Management, for Workday’s Financial Management platform. During that period, Workday software engineers conducted an in-depth analysis of the performance, functionality, and integration of our advanced data capture and storage solutions. Our products were extensively examined by Workday, to ensure they met the same product standards and integrity that customers have come to expect from Workday.

Why Is This Important to My Business?

The certification we earned from Workday validates that companies trust Ascend to deliver a seamless business automation experience between Workday, and our fully integrated product suite. It also means that our clients directly benefit from our certified Workday expertise, which manifests itself in the engineering, implementation, support, and ease-of-use of our best-in-class solutions. Finally, it means that if you are investing in business automation, you need look no further than Ascend, as we have demonstrated a substantial commitment to Workday technology and solutions.

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