Ascend’s ECM is a comprehensive solution that solves diverse business, department, and user report and document distribution with 100% web delivery. Modern business is supported by different computing environments and is often conducted in several geographical locations. Its eases the impacts these conditions have on your enterprise by providing users access to their information from virtually any location in your organization. Reports and documents normally printed or handled manually, are now securely and instantly available across the Internet or Intranet through your Web-Browser.

Ascend’s ECM thin client facility from which reports and documents are viewed, E-Mailed, printed (advanced format-sensitive printing to local and network printers), exported into a spreadsheet such as MicroSoft’s Excel®, organized into public or private Folders, and restored from long-term storage. A user can adjust wider report formats to fit the viewing screen size, and freeze both column and row headings. Public and private WebNotesTM are annotations that may be place on the report by a user and routed to others for approval and comments. A detailed audit log is maintained for every document and an entry is recorded for each event (e.g., E-mailed, printed, viewed, etc.).Users may also search across documents using an unlimited number of indexes to quickly locate their information. Quickly search on values extracted from a report, or captured from a document via OCR or ICR. A user can instantly navigate to a report section with a click of the mouse. Advanced find features dynamically create an index screen of all occurrences found in the document. The list of report and documents may also be sorted in ascending or descending order by a single click.

Ascend’s ECM fully supports Microsoft Internet Explorer® and all popular web-browers . Saving time and money by improving efficiency, productivity, reduce lost documents and printing cost. Distribute reports and documents with minimal implementation effort. An intuitive web facility reduces user training, which just begins to express the benefits you will derive from this system.

To review all the ECM features please contact our Sales department and request an on-line demo.