Ascend’s ECM provides monitoring tools consisting of a graphical representation of consumed storage and administrative reports to help manage the information. Instantly, you can see how much space is used for short-term storage, long-term storage, reports pending migration from short-term to long-term storage, and reports to be purged from the system.

The product’s great flexibility gives the control to the Product Administration and allows him/her to allocate it accordingly. For example, the Product Administrator can forward and re-assign reports and documents (and set security to allow end-users to perform these actions). All systems allow you to set the report/document recipients, but what happens when the Product Administrator is asked to distribute a report to an individual overlooked, and the job cannot be re-run. ReportSafe can forward and re-assign the information after it has been processed or archived, giving you the flexibility to handle all situations.

Ascend’s ECM is designed for performance and efficiency. You will find that other systems keep multiple copies of reports and documents to maintain security, which requires more storage space and time to manage security. The product architecture plays an important role in its superior security and storage management. Eliminate the need for duplicate copies of information, and also benefits the end-users web viewing organization. You can dynamically create new Folders and Views without requiring the reports and documents to be duplicated.

Ascend’s ECM also includes a number of Administrative reports to help manage and monitor your information. For example, there are two reports that provide the details of the Active and Archived information stored. These reports are useful if a user wants to review a list prior to migrating or deleting the information.

  1. “Pending Archive” lists all items that will move from the Active Path to the Archive Path
  2. “Pending Deletion” lists all items that will be removed from the system based on the expiration date.

The Product Administrator can change any archive or expiration date to speed or prevent a document’s movement.