Ascend’s ECM solution securely archives reports, documents, and unlimited file types for short and long-term storage. You can capture output by simply using the print command on your current systems. Archiving for your end-user is as easy as printing, and no special agent is required on the originating host systems. Images are processed through the seamless integration of Ascend’s RS ImageManager, then archived in the ECM repository. Ascend’s enterprise archive and “hands-free” storage management capabilities, provide optimum scalability, flexibility, and performance with minimal effort. Ascend’s solutions are renowned for ease-of-use, and require little user training, which guarantees even greater cost savings.

The short and long-term storage management functionality offers an extremely scalable solution. Ascend’s enterprise archive allows you to customize how each individual document, report, or section is stored. You can store information centralized or decentralized to accommodate diverse storage needs. The information can be stored on the “Active Path”, typically residing on a highly accessible media such as a hard disk.

After the active retention period has elapsed, documents can be automatically moved for long-term retention to storage media such as DVD, Centera or SAN/NAS with compression and encryption. This process gives you rapid access to current reports and documents, and reduces the long-term storage cost of historical information. You can also configure the system to both automatically migrate and restore information.

Included with Ascend’s ECM solution is the ArchiveViewer. This utility will read CDs and DVDs at remote locations to allow the media to be distributed.