Ascend Software’s comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is easily compatible with all platforms and includes robust report and document management to provide true end-to-end control for all corporate information. Our comprehensive system is the one-stop answer for companies that demand a turnkey solution to electronically manage images, reports, documents and all file types. Unlimited indexing guarantees ease of retrieval in an intuitive Web-based interface. Documents of all types (e.g. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PostScript, Word, Excel, etc.) and different kinds of document imaging (e.g. invoices, forms, checks, etc.) are conveniently and securely managed with versatile indexing from a centralized system. Most customers see a return on their investments in only months. The reduction in printing and handling costs alone allows you to quickly justify the cost of our competitively priced solutions.

End-to-end Content Management

Ascend understands the demands of information management from logistics to technology, so we’ve built an innovative solution with superior performance. This turnkey solution is not only easy-to-use, but the sophisticated design from the program architectural base to the user interface provides a rigor that handles critical and complex tasks without difficulty. Its true enterprise architecture offers a centralized, scalable, and flexible product. Built on cutting edge technologies, our enterprise information management solution delivers a complete system that is renowned for its simplicity of implementation, use and functionality. Ascend’s ECM and SmartTouch Automation Suite reduces the workload of your demanding and changing business needs.

As part of the end-to-end Ascend ECM solution you can optimize your business processes (BPO), increase efficiency, and lower cost enterprise-wide.