Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E Search facility was designed to “Do More with Fewer and Smarter Touches”. A user will quickly and easily retrieve their expense reports or the expense reports they have authority to view. For example, the one-click search called “Pending Payment” instantly shows a user all the expense reports that have been approved and are ready for payment. Another popular user search is a list of all unapproved expense reports and the pending approver. We understand that once an expense report is started, the user wants visibility to the expense report throughout its entire life-cycle: started, pending approval, pending payment, paid, and historical reports.

In the event an expense report is rejected by an approver, the user will receive an E-mail, or can find all rejected expense reports with a single click. The user will be given a reason for the rejection so they can correct the problem and resubmit the expense report. If the user wanted to get a cash advance for a trip, they could quickly review historical reports and view the expenses on a prior similar trip. The T&E Search facility was designed with the user in mind to easily and securely find their expense reports with minimal effort.

An approver will also find the T&E Search Facility helpful to concisely list all the expense reports pending their approval, plus other convenient searches. A Product Administration has additional search capabilities.


Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E solution includes Ascend’s enterprise archival component. Ascend is the one-stop provider for companies that demand a solution to electronically manage reports, documents, images, and all other types of information and from all their systems. Information is archived in its native, “meaningful” format to maintain usability when accessed in the future and to ensure efficiency and superior performance during the archival process.

Ascend’s enterprise archival options allow you to customize how each individual document, report, or section is stored. You can store information centralized or decentralized to accommodate diverse storage needs. The information is stored initially in the “Active Path”, typically residing on a highly accessible media such as a hard disk. After the active retention period has elapsed, documents can be automatically moved for long-term retention to storage media such as DVD, Centera or SAN/NAS with compression and encryption. This process gives you rapid access to current reports and documents, and reduces the long-term storage cost of historical information. You can configure the system to both automatically migrate andrestore information.

Ascend’s Enterprise Content Management Solution’s robust functionality and “hands-free” storage management capabilities, provide optimum scalability, flexibility, and performance, with minimal effort. The short and long-term storage management functionality offers an extremely scalable solution. Ascend’s solutions are renowned for ease-of-use, and require little end-user training, installation, and maintenance, which guarantees even greater cost savings.

Administrative Reporting

A number of Administrative reports are included to help control and monitor the solution and its managed information. Graphical representations of consumed storage (e.g., space is used for short-term storage, long-term storage, documents pending migration from short-term to long-term storage, and documents to be purged from the system), quickly illustrate the various states in which the managed information is maintained. The Product Administrator can control the archival scheme by changing any document purge dates as desired, either one at a time, or in mass by using one of the over sixty provided system utilities.