You will find that SmartTouch T&E routing features meet both simple and complex needs. The solution includes Structured and routing options. Structured routing allows your organization to set an approval path to ensure expense reports are consistently and accurately routed to the appropriate approver according to corporate policy. This eliminates the need to manually direct the approval request and the decision of selecting the correct approver. This option ensures that requests are directed to the appropriate approver and avoids routing mistakes. This routing features automatically escalates expense reports that require higher levels of approval or escalates neglected approval requests to prevent payment delays.

SmartTouch T&E  approval requests allow a user to select the approver. If your organization wants the user to decide the approval path, then SmartTouch T&E  approval routing is right for you. The user can direct an expense report to a single user or a group of users for approval.

After the request is routed, then the approver can view the information and accept or reject the request. The status of the request is immediately updated and may be viewed at any point along the approval path. If the approval request is not responded to in a timely manner, then the request is escalated according to your setup. The SmartTouch T&E escalation process ensures that documents continue along the approval path and are not overlooked. [Important note: Ascend’s routing and escalation options are easily changed and do NOT require workflow coding changes.]

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