SmartTouch T&E is a true web-based application that runs on most popular web browsers.  You may ask yourself, does this mean once installed by my company that it only requires a web browser for the user to access the system or is it a hosted web application by Ascend, as in Software as a Service (SaaS).  The answer is both!  Ascend offers two system acquisition / implementation options.  Your company can either acquire and run the software in-house or have Ascend host the travel and expense application with our Software as a Service (SaaS) option.  

SmartTouch T&E Solution is easy to install, easy to administer, and easy for the end user.  If you decide to implement the software in-house, the SmartTouch T&E drop-in solution can be completely implemented in less than two weeks.   Prior to installing the software we discuss your current or desired travel and expense policies.  The solution is configured to automate these policies to give you the automated controls you are looking for and ensure compliance.  What will be the daily meal per diems?  What are the mileage reimbursement rates?  How should the expense reports be routed for approval?  Ascend documents these decisions for your review and sets up the policy screen and configures the application accordingly.  

After the system is set up the product administer and end users are trained.  User training may be performed in a variety of formats including: train-the-trainer, classroom, or webinar.  The product administration training takes about two days and end users training takes about an hour.  The users will find the system intuitive, easy to navigate and convenient.