Easily Configure Your Policies

Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E Solution Policy Screen is designed to enforce your organization’s existing expense reimbursement policies, assist you in establishing new ones, and to help you consistently control costs.  For example, the system will:

  • Set spending limits, such as for meals or daily per diem, to reduce expense overages  
  • Require receipts attachments on the desired expenses
  • Create an electronic invoice document with an audit log that tracks the approval and activity 
  • Validate GL distribution codes, and ensures they are used consistently, where applicable
  • Ensure the expense report is approved prior to entry into the AP system or payment 

Compliance Reporting

Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E compliance reports provide management with the information they need to identify policy violations.  These detailed reports will point directly to the exact line in an expense report that violates the travel and expense policies.  This information can help address the individual issue or explain a need for a policy change.  For example, if the hotel spending limits is constantly exceeded, it will report if it is a problem with the overall policy or in a particular area.  For more information on our policy compliance reports or to schedule a webinar contact info@AscendSoftware.com

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