The SmartTouch T&E Solution provides your users with all the tools they need to easily report their billable expenses.  The user can attach an image of a receipt or any type of document to an expense report if supporting documents are required.  Ascend supports all types of image and document attachments (e.g., Word, Excel, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, etc.).  The completed expense report and the associated documents are indexed and stored in the SmartTouch T&E document archive.  A user can quickly retrieve their expense reports and the associated document using a web browser.  The secure and authenticated sign-on will ensure the user retrieves only authorized expense reports and attachments.  

If your organization is new to scanning and document imaging, Ascend’s experienced professionals can assist you in every step of the process.  Starting from scanner selection, installation, training, and image capture, giving your users the power to easily attach images and supporting documentation to their expense reports. 

The underlying SmartTouch T&E archive is a robust document management solution that will provide your organization with the archive flexibility it needs to store expense reports, supporting documents, and ALL corporate documents from ALL departments (see Archival for more information).  You have the luxury of an online expense report solution that also creates and stores an electronic invoice from the completed expense report.  This expense invoice and the related documents are stored in the enterprise document management solution and are ready for quick retrieval, viewing, and printing, if necessary.