SmartTouch T&E™

SmartTouch T&E is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to reduce the amount of time and effort required to submit, approve, process, and pay expense reports. It streamlines and automates travel spend management, while capturing essential data to effectively and efficiently control costs.

Modernized Travel & Expense Management

SmartTouch T&E lets you enter, submit, approve, audit, and pay expense reports quickly, while enforcing rigid, transparent controls throughout your expense management process. It creates a smart workplace by delivering clear, accurate, and actionable insights on travel expense spend, entry, and approvals. The solution also replaces the tedious handling of expense reports, paper receipts, and manual paper storage, with both policy and approval automation, and versatile travel entry methods. This dramatically lessens the burden on Accounts Payable, by eliminating data entry errors, and the manual tracking and rekeying of expense requests.

SmartTouch T&E seamlessly integrates with Ascend’s ECM, giving organizations the flexibility to use a single, unified content repository document management across multiple business functions. Employees can submit digital receipts that are stored centrally in ECM, for easy retrieval and review by managers and auditors.

SmartTouch T&E also works to increase workforce productivity, by allowing businesses to:

  • Reduce operational costs and strengthen policy-driven controls for expense reimbursement
  • Quickly obtain financial automation with out-of-the box integration for leading ERP systems
  • Mitigate storage complexity and reduce exposure to data loss
  • Ensure compliance through real-time validation and automated approvals
  • Strengthen employee fraud detection and prevention with built-in monitoring and audit management
  • Achieve faster reimbursement with mobile expense capture, submission and approval, including support for photo capture of receipts

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