SmartTouch AP™ is a true web-browser imaging and workflow solution. Ascend takes the extra effort to design 100% web-browser solutions in the best interest of our customers. Additionally, it supports access from your mobile devices.

Ascend solutions are fast to deploy and requires less on-going maintenance. There is no need install and upgrade each AP Processor, approvers or any end-user with client software. Many solutions call themselves “web-based”, but client software is required for each user. AP imaging and workflow implementations involve the approving departments in addition to the AP Processors. In fact, in many organizations there are typically hundreds of users that needs to approve invoices and processing and is often conducted in different geographical locations. With this in mind, choosing a true web-browser solution will speed the implementation and all future upgrades. SmartTouch AP™ access eases the impacts these conditions have on your enterprise by providing users access to their information from virtually any location in your organization. Invoices and AP reports normally printed or handled manually are securely and instantly available across the Internet, Intranet through a web-browser or mobile devices.