SmartTouch AP’s document management and business automation features are two fold. There is the document retention capability, but equally important is the improved efficiencies and invoice processing knowledge which is lost as employees or policies change. The continual training effort related to processing an invoice from beginning to end is drastically reduced and greater controls are automatically enforced. Policies and procedures will be confidently and consistently performed along with the benefits of process improvement. Encapsulating a company’s business processes and procedures into a solution allows employees to efficiently function without reliance on reference manuals. Many Accounts Payable processes may be automated, incorporating accurate repeatable procedures into daily activities, and producing rapid returns on investment and numerous other benefits:

  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Reduced operational labor costs and increased efficiency
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Reduced data entry errors and time associated with corrections
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Ensure invoice approvals are obtained and distribution codes are validated
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Eliminate late payment fees
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Reduce manual steps in problem resolution
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Reduce vendor phone calls
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Reduce document look-up time for every user
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Eliminate lost discounts
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Reduced training effort and costs
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Builds audit logs of activity to prove compliance
  • [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’15px’ class=’awe’]Electronically capture AP reports and easy perform robust report bursting

These procedures are incorporated into the SmartTouch AP solution and business process management eliminates redundant and routine tasks and frees employees for research and other projects best suited for the personal touch.