SmartTouch AP™ reduces more steps, “touches”, through our analytical intelligent imaging and automation solution. With the Hands Free AP™ option you determine at what point you want or need to interact with the invoices. First, SmartTouch AIR™, Ascend’s Analytical Information Recognition solution captures invoices, extracts the data and identities the invoice information. It will automatically identify and extract information from an invoice, such as invoice number, invoice date, PO number, vendor, amount along with other values. This prevents the need to key information into the Accounts Payable system. Hands Free AP also uses invoice information, such as the vendor to automatically route the invoice to the next step. Ascend offers flexible ways to automate routing and eliminate more “touches”. The Hands Free pre-defined routing option will ensure all required approvers receive the invoice. The user can also utilize the Hands Free GL coding assistance and validation. Last but not least, our integration into your ERP will occur with a fraction of the effort or be can be completely Hands Free based on your preference.

Routing, Approvals, and Escalations

Documents are easily routed with Ascend’s SmartTouch flexible approval routing options. Ascend’s Hand-Free AP routing will drastically reduce the effort and decisions required to route documents for approval. This option ensures that documents are directed to the appropriate approver without any effort and avoids routing mistakes. This feature completely eliminates the need to manually route documents. If your company routes 10,000 documents a month, this feature alone can save over 160 hours each month over other imaging and approval routing solutions. If your organization wants the user to decide where a document is routed for approval, then our Ad Hoc approval routing provides that capability. The user simply selects the approver and the document can be routed to a single user or a group of users. You can even use a combination of pre-defined and Ad Hoc routing methods. You will find that Ascend’s routing features meet both simple and complex needs. After the document is routed, then the approver can view the information and accept or reject the document. The status of the document is immediately updated and may be viewed at any point along the approval path. If the approval request is not responded to in a timely manner, then the request is escalated according to your setup. The SmartTouch escalation process ensures that documents continue along the approval path and are not overlooked. Importantly, Ascend’s routing and escalation options are easily changed and do NOT require workflow coding changes.

ERP Integration

SmartTouch AP can capture the invoice data and seamless integration with your ERP application to eliminate data entry and reduce data entry errors. It also validates GL accounts using your ERP system without the need to duplicate databases. Learn how Ascend can integrate with your ERP AP application. Ascend has the only real-time Lawson integration. This immediate real-time design eliminates more steps than any other method and gives you the instant feedback you want when processing an invoice. Instant integration eliminates numerous steps and resolves errors in a fraction of the time of other solutions.