Business Process Management (BPM) automates and streamlines processes critical to your organization’s growth and success.

Ascend’s standard, out-of-the-box integration saves more time and money.

“We cut our man hours from 185 per month to 66 — a huge savings.” 
— Stella Snowden, Manager Associate Benefits

Enterprise Content Management & Business Automation Just Became Easier!

Super powerful & easy implementation

Information flows through an organization like water flows through the environment. Properly harnessing, directing, utilizing, and maintaining rivers of information can challenge any organization. Ascend’s SmartTouch Solutions™ enable your organization to manage its reports, documents, images, and other digital information and optimize business processes with innovative workflow automation. You will:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Increase visibility and controls
  • Consistently and efficiently execute daily tasks

Ascend Internationally

Serving customers worldwide

Based in Brea, California, Ascend Software’s SmartTouch and Enterprise Report and Document Management Solutions are distributed to over 14 countries, and support such diverse industries as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial, education, government, and entertainment. Supporting all areas of report management, document management, document imaging, and business process automation.